First Australian EFT and Innovative Energy Techniques Masterclass, Melb Oct 6 &7

Jenny Johnston will be presenting amongst 7 other expert practitioners in their field at this conference – the First Austalian EFT and Energy techniques Masterclass in Melbourne, Oct 6 & 7. See details on the videos!

Also presenting is EFT Master, Rehana Webster, from Perth, speaking about “The Trauma Buster Technique”.

Also presenting is Steve Wells, experienced EFT, SET and PET Practitioner from Perth –

Also presenting Matrix Reimprinting is Caroline Paulzen from Melbourne –

Another presenter, Rod Sherwin from Melbourne –

Keith Hulstaert speaks about grief and Faster EFT-

Russell Cunningham speaks about Alpha Repatterning

Also presenting – Dr David Lake from Sydney (video to come).

Jenny Johnston being interviewed about ‘Creative EFT’.

Jenny Johnston is speaking along side of 7 other experts at the First Australian EFT and Innovative Energy Techniques Masterclass in Melbourne on Oct 6 & 7. Her topic is explained briefly in this short video interview. She includes speaking about her passion of using the Colour Mirror Spritzers with EFT. Other speakers are Steve Wells, Dr David Lake, Caroline Paulzen, Rod Sherwin, Russell Cunningham, Rehana Webster and Keith Hulstaert.