EFT for Sexual Abuse – all that shame, ‘that dirty feeling’.

So many people in life are still affected by sexual abuse that they endured as a child. If you have been sexually abused, or know of someone who has, then this following video may assist you. Notice that we trace the feelings in the body and the emotion of shame and then use EFT and Quantum EFT on the 3 year old and other ages of herself that experienced the shame and sexual abuse. I also ‘turbo boost’ the EFT with the smell and colour of the Colour Mirror Spritzers.

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August ’13 EFT Newsletter

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For your enjoyment, learning and healing, here is the August Issue – EFT- Transforming Lives.

It speaks about her recent experience at the Melbourne Hay House Event and of having Nick Ortner, Author of “The Tapping Solution” join her with other members of EFTAP (EFT Australian Practitoners) for dinner. Read more in the Newsletter and enjoy watching the free videos of EFT Sessions at Jenny’s live EFT Workshops.

Quantum EFT on a Past Life Experience – Dying in Galipoli

When tapping on her fear, she felt it like a silver bullet through her heart and this led her to a Past Life experience of dying in Galipoli. Watch this video of her full EFT experience and the peace she felt afterwards.

What others say about their EFT Workshop experiences with Jenny

Sarah D’Astoli – “This workshop has been a brilliant experience. I knew very little about EFT and had no expectations of what I might learn or experience. I have received years of counselling using cognitive behavioural therapy and am currently on anti- depressants. I am hopeful now that EFT is the tool to get me off medication and never-ending counselling. The future looks brighter now and I feel empowered to make real and lasting shifts.”

Lee Phillips (Reflexologist) – “Jenny is a wonderful teacher, presenter and healer and has opened my eyes to the amazing possibilities that the EFT Process can open up for you through shifting old patterns and beliefs. I’ve done numerous workshops on similar themes but none have been so effective. I look forward to using EFT on both myself and also my clients.”

Shannon Dunn –  “An empowering, liberating and deeply informative course. Jenny, you are a gifted teacher. I’m blessed to have found you for this transformational period of my life. May you receive the many blessings in return that you give. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Annette Rudkin – “I loved both levels. It was challenging, fun, hard, emotional and so rewarding – all in one! This will be another awesome tool that will change my life and help me live the life I want to live and create for myself.”

Emilie Austin – “Jenny is amazing. Thank you so much for all that knowledge.”

Angelle Laurence –“Jenny thank you for your enthusiasm and wisdom.”

Rahul Vasudevan – “Helped me a great deal in my personal life. Was very beneficial in dealing with physical pain in my left toe. Extremely helpful in releasing feelings of guilt and helplessness. Feel empowered to do things.”

Gopi Elton – “Feels good to have finished Level 2 (second one). Appreciate Jenny’s expertise, professionalism and humour.”


Jenny Johnston being interviewed about ‘Creative EFT’.

Jenny Johnston is speaking along side of 7 other experts at the First Australian EFT and Innovative Energy Techniques Masterclass in Melbourne on Oct 6 & 7. Her topic is explained briefly in this short video interview. She includes speaking about her passion of using the Colour Mirror Spritzers with EFT. Other speakers are Steve Wells, Dr David Lake, Caroline Paulzen, Rod Sherwin, Russell Cunningham, Rehana Webster and Keith Hulstaert.

It’s a first in Australia- EFT/Energy Techniques Masterclass – Melbourne, Oct 6 & 7

How great that you can now get to experience 8 Australian Energy Techniques Experts in one place over a weekend! People like Steve wells, David Lake, Rehana Webster, Jenny Johnston, Caroline Paulzen, Rod Sherwin, Russell Cunningham and Keith Hulstaert. Have a look at the topics that these experts are presenting and all the details here. Topics will include “Creative EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Alpha Repatterning, Faster EFT and others. There will also be an Introductory Workshop for those new to Energy Techniques (SET and PET) on Friday Oct 5th. See here. Super Earlybird Special extended until July 20th, saving $200!

EFT for Physical Issues – Shoulder pain dissolves after the emotions and childhood memories are addressed with tapping..

EFT Training and FREE Information Night – Yarrawonga, May ’12

How would you like to:

  •  live in a healthy body?
  •  have loving, supportive relationships?
  •  be financially independent?
  •  identify & rapidly dissolve negative subconscious patterns & beliefs that are currently
    running your life?
  •  feel empowered to be the person you always knew you could be but never quite knew
    how to?


  •  An emotional form of acupuncture (without the needles!!!!)
  •  A relaxation and stress reduction technique that is easy to learn & apply to everyday life
  •  Allows your body and mind to behave, feel and think differently.
    Learn EFTand discover this powerful tool at your fingertips.
  • Prove to yourself that you can have the life you want to live! 


is coming to Yarrawonga to teach this amazing tool

over ONE
night and
2 weekends at the Yarrawonga Guide Hall,

26 McNally St, Yarrawonga.

FREE EFT Experience – One night only – FRIDAY 11TH MAY -7pm -9pm

EFT Level 1          12 & 13 May 2012      9am – 5.30pm $350  ($100 deposit to reserve your place)

EFT Level 1          26 & 27 May 2012      9am – 5.30pm $350  ($100 deposit to reserve your place)

TO BOOK contact Jenny Johnston

  •  email             jenny@jennyjohnston.com.au
  •  telephone     0405147265 or 03 97891365

 To see Jenny Johnston and EFT in action

Go to You
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EFT Training Melbourne – Tap into your healthy self by letting go of the past.

If you want to change your life, live your dreams and let go of what no longer serves you, then it’s time you took ACTION and booked yourself into EFT Training Melbourne.

There are still a couple of places left in the March EFT Training, Melbourne – Level 1 and 2 workshops, where you get to learn about how EFT works, learn the techniques, see EFT demonstrated and practice with other students under supervision. In EFT Training Melbourne, you get to re-wire your neural pathways and unblock your energy system, creating a healthy flow of energy and emotions. Let your body let go of the past – emotionally, physically, subconsciously and consciously.

Contact Jenny for details and if March doesn’t suit you, then register early for June/July so you don’t miss out! For all the EFT Training Melbourne dates, go to http://www.jennyjohnston.com.au/eft-training-dates/

New ‘Tap a Long’ Video on EFT Universe Website, featuring chocolate cravings…

This link to my You Tube Channel “EFTAustralia”, shows this video in better quality – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3omQprC-Jyg