My Story –
Picture me having a Reiki session with my Reiki Master. She came to me as I was flat out on my bed for 3 weeks after spinal surgery ( a huge prolapse had been broken off after a chiropractic visit and had pressed on my spine causing foot drop).She asked what I’d been doing while ‘recouperating’ and I told her that I had just re-read “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss and that one day I was going to do a Hypnotherapy Course! She told me that her sister had just completed a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and gave me all the details. Before I knew it I was doing the course while I had several months off work and continued while I returned to work part-time. I also took Long Service Leave to finish the Diploma. What I didn’t expect was to be shown EFT (Emotional Feeedom Techniques) by one of my fellow students in my final year. I was hooked from the start and found that the NLP and hypnotherapy skills that I had just learned, blended with it all so perfectly. So in 2005 I also learned EFT L1,2,3 with Russell Cunningham. My spiritual and intuitive knowledge was also able to be weaved into EFT and a few years later into Matrix Re-imprinting. So in 2005, I was still working very part-time as an Occupational Therapist and also seeing clients using EFT and Clinical Hypnotherapy. I had a thirst for more knowledge and courses and went on to learn, Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques – Womb Regression and Past life regression and Life between lives (New York Holistic Healing Center) and trained with many EFT Masters and well knwon EFT experts from around the world, such as Steve Wells (Advanced EFT and Beyond), Karl Dawson (Matrix Re-imprinting), Sharon King (Matrix Birth Re-imprinting and Light Matrix), Robert Smith (Faster EFT), Maggie Adkins and Rehana Webster (EFT Masters) and Susie Shelmerdine (Meta Medicine and Matrix for Health). In 2010, because of the work I had been doing with EFT for Veterans with PTSD, I was invited to become an EFT Universe Trainer and went to the US to train with Dawson Church PhD and EFT Universe.
As the only EFT Universe Trainer in the Southern Hemisphere, I have now trained and assisted in training people in Hawaii, Whidbey Island (near Seattle) and Melbourne, Australia where I am based. I am constantly amazed by the diversity of EFT and the profound healings that I have witnessed and the peace and empowerment people have gained through it’s use. Myself included! I invite you to look at a video session of EFT  and Matrix Re-imprinting and try it for yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised at it’s ease and often rapid reults. Go to my videos on You Tube – “EFTAustralia“.