Colour Mirrors




COLOUR MIRRORS are the creation of Melissie Jolly, psychologist and colour therapist in South Africa. They are a system of colourful oils and spritzers which have their own energy vibration or ‘note’ and also an ‘aroma’. When used with the body, these spritzers and oils directly effect your energy body, bypassing the conscious mind and assisting to dissolve and release energetic and subconscious blocks. This allows both subtle and profound changes as smell works directly with the primitive brain where stress/anxiety comes from. Changes to the body’s energy is also anchored to the colour/smell of the bottle’s contents. My clients are often surprised at how quickly their energy changes and lightens when using the Colour Mirror Spritzers in conjunction with EFT and Quantum EFT. I now feel that I am not being complete as a healing practitioner, if I am not also using the Colour Mirrors Spritzers within my sessions.
My clients love the Colour Mirrors Spritzers so much that I now stock many of the spritzers here in Australia, so if you’d like to see which colour/aromas I have available, please contact me.
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If you would like to experience an EFT or Quantum EFT Session with Jenny, using the Colour Mirrors Spritzers, then Contact Jenny.
I am pleased to announce a Colour Mirrors 4 day Workshop in March 2013, in Seaford, Melbourne, being run by Sharon King from the UK.
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