Tapping Group to Create Your 2020

Join us Live Online (or in person in Frankston) on Wed Jan 15th at 7pm AEDT for 2 hours of Tapping to create the 2020 you wish to create, for yourself, your country, Earth, the climate, the animals, etc. Whatever it is that you want to create, you will have emotions and beliefs around these and we will be tapping to release and let go of all of the subconscious sabotaging beliefs/resistance to allowing your goals and creations to become reality. Let’s create the reality and the world we wish to live in. I hope you’ll join me. See HERE.  

Email me for the zoom link. Cheers, Jenny Johnston.

Last Quantum EFT Workshop for 2013. See what others said about their ‘EFT for the Soul’ experience.

“This was such a wide exposure to many fascinating things. The chanellings were really interesting. It was surprising what really resonated with me. Working with EFT through time, space and place opened up so many possibilities for healing – awesome! ‘Ask and Receive’ with muscle testing really grabbed me and I will explore this further for use with EFT. Jenny, you created a safe place to explore things that have, until now, been way too ‘out there’ to contemplate and made it ok to be exactly where I am with it all. Thank you.” Rosemary.

“Jenny Johnston is an excellent trainer. She allows you to travel at your own pace and helps guide your learning gently and respectfully. She is intuitive and inciteful of your journey, always there to assist and nudge your understanding. Thank you so much Jenny for being my guide on this journey of self discovery of my soul”. Trish Butt. Bowen Therapist.

“Jenny offers a gentle, accepting and nurturing introduction to the possibilities of using EFT to resolve issues at a spiritual level.” Saraswati. Psychologist.

“Lots of insights gained in Jenny’s Quantum EFT Workshop. The blending of EFT with Past Life Regression and the teachings of Kryon hrelped provide information about life purpose and how to get there”. Carol Hood. Psychology student and Bowen Therapist.

Last Quantum EFT for the Soul workshop is in Melbourne on Nov 30/ Dec 1.

Here is what to do with a traumatic experience.

Using EFT, or Tapping, this traumatic PTSD experience is dissolved from his energetic pathweays and he is able to feel peaceful again.

Watch this complete EFT session to see just how gentle the whole procedure is and hear him cough and physically and energetically release the choking feelings as he was being strangled.

Have you ever feared failure?

Tap along to this EFT Video filmed in Montreal, Canada and borrow the benefits for yourself.

She’s been using EFT for the last 8 months has now she has physical improvement!

What an inspiration she is to persistently and thoroughly work on herself using EFT and now see and feel the physical, energetic and emotional improvement.

Watch this video of her story and be inspired too. Share it with others who have MS.

What others say about their EFT Workshop experiences with Jenny

Sarah D’Astoli – “This workshop has been a brilliant experience. I knew very little about EFT and had no expectations of what I might learn or experience. I have received years of counselling using cognitive behavioural therapy and am currently on anti- depressants. I am hopeful now that EFT is the tool to get me off medication and never-ending counselling. The future looks brighter now and I feel empowered to make real and lasting shifts.”

Lee Phillips (Reflexologist) – “Jenny is a wonderful teacher, presenter and healer and has opened my eyes to the amazing possibilities that the EFT Process can open up for you through shifting old patterns and beliefs. I’ve done numerous workshops on similar themes but none have been so effective. I look forward to using EFT on both myself and also my clients.”

Shannon Dunn –  “An empowering, liberating and deeply informative course. Jenny, you are a gifted teacher. I’m blessed to have found you for this transformational period of my life. May you receive the many blessings in return that you give. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Annette Rudkin – “I loved both levels. It was challenging, fun, hard, emotional and so rewarding – all in one! This will be another awesome tool that will change my life and help me live the life I want to live and create for myself.”

Emilie Austin – “Jenny is amazing. Thank you so much for all that knowledge.”

Angelle Laurence –“Jenny thank you for your enthusiasm and wisdom.”

Rahul Vasudevan – “Helped me a great deal in my personal life. Was very beneficial in dealing with physical pain in my left toe. Extremely helpful in releasing feelings of guilt and helplessness. Feel empowered to do things.”

Gopi Elton – “Feels good to have finished Level 2 (second one). Appreciate Jenny’s expertise, professionalism and humour.”


It’s a first in Australia- EFT/Energy Techniques Masterclass – Melbourne, Oct 6 & 7

How great that you can now get to experience 8 Australian Energy Techniques Experts in one place over a weekend! People like Steve wells, David Lake, Rehana Webster, Jenny Johnston, Caroline Paulzen, Rod Sherwin, Russell Cunningham and Keith Hulstaert. Have a look at the topics that these experts are presenting and all the details here. Topics will include “Creative EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Alpha Repatterning, Faster EFT and others. There will also be an Introductory Workshop for those new to Energy Techniques (SET and PET) on Friday Oct 5th. See here. Super Earlybird Special extended until July 20th, saving $200!

EFT Information Night – Topic “CRAVINGS”

This Thursday night, July 5th, 7 – 8.30pm at “Living now“, I will be presenting an Intoduction to EFT and look specifically at “Cravings” and how to have power over them using EFT. Bring your friends and prepare for a night of fun, enjoyment and learning. This EFT Workshop is only $15!

EFT for Physical Issues – Shoulder pain dissolves after the emotions and childhood memories are addressed with tapping..

EFT/Matrix Re-imprinting for a woman’s traumatic experience at age 4.

Watch as her emotional and energetic charges of rage and choking from an experience when she was a 4 year old is dissolved and re-imprinted. She rang the next day to say that for the first time in years she had been able to do her vocal exercises without coughing!