Here is what to do with a traumatic experience.

Using EFT, or Tapping, this traumatic PTSD experience is dissolved from his energetic pathweays and he is able to feel peaceful again.

Watch this complete EFT session to see just how gentle the whole procedure is and hear him cough and physically and energetically release the choking feelings as he was being strangled.

Hear John’s personal experience with PTSD and how EFT gave him peace.

Hear this Vietnam Veteran’s recommendation to others to try EFT.

World PTSD and Trauma Awareness Event – 11/11/11

Please come to our Victorian EFT Practitioner’s Public Screening of “Operation Emotional freedom – The Answer” at Glen Eira Town Hall on friday 11/11/11. For details and bookings – See here.

Hear John’s personal experience of how EFT gave him peace over his PTSD.

Aussie Vietnam Veteran recommends EFT for anyone who suffers from PTSD.