Do you ever experience pain in your back or neck?

Tap along with this video and focus on your own pain and when and where you have experienced it. Perhaps your pain will diminish too.

If you would like to work with Jenny to work on your specific pain and any emotional contributions to pain, contact her for a session in person or on skype.

Using EFT for pain in the knees.

Watch as we trace the feelings, emotions and situatinos associated with her severe knee pain. The video turns off early but by the end of the workshop she was standing and sitting like everyone else and even ran in high heels across the room to get her Certificate!

EFT for pain

Use borrowingenefits for pain of physical symptoms in your body as you tap along to this EFT demonstration for shoulder pain and restricted movement. As we trace the feelings in her body, she relates the feeings to memories with her son.


Ever ‘heard’ you own bones break and said, “I’ll never forget that”? Well he did, but now he’s released ‘hearing’ that sound and all the fear and pain along with it.

When he had that motor bike accident, he thought he was going to die and he didn’t really want to go through ‘re-living it’ again. So we approached it gently and he was able to release the fear and pain and all the aspects of that motorbike accident, without becoming re-traumatised.

EFT for Physical Issues – Shoulder pain dissolves after the emotions and childhood memories are addressed with tapping..