I have a headache from claustrophobia.

Watch this video as I use EFT to ease her headache after we trace it back to an event which originally created her claustrophobia and headache and take the ‘trauma’ out of it.

Do you feel a lack of confidence and want to get freedom over it?

Have you ever suffered from a lack of confidence and wondered why? You weren’t born with it, so where did it come from?¬†You may want to tap along with this video and allow your subconscious to go to your own memory of where your lack of confidence comes from and TAP it OUT! You deserve to be all that you can be – a confident, relaxed person. Watch this video filmed in an EFT Level 1 Workshop and tap a long with it and be surprised at where it will take you.

EFT Demonstration for a scared, breathless feeling from a nightmare!

Anything that produces a negative emotional response, whether it’s a nightmare or a memory, is causing a physical, stressful response in the body. Dissolving it with EFT is a way to feel better and to release the stress responses in your body and energy.

If you are nervous in front of a camera or feel queezy with blood procedures, then this is for YOU!!

This EFT Demonstration in a Level 1 Training workshop guides this student through his nervous feelings of being filmed to the feelings he gets when he undertakes having blood tests. Tap along if you have similar feelings and borrow the benefits for yourself!

Demonstration of how to do EFT by phone

EFT for Physical Issues – Shoulder pain dissolves after the emotions and childhood memories are addressed with tapping..

I used to have to eat the whole packet of Chocolate easter Eggs and now I can just have one!

Watch as this EFT Level 1 student is able to trace where her uncontrollable urge to eat all of the packet of Easter Eggs came from and is able to eat just one without the urge to eat more.

EFT Demonstration – The Gentle Techniques.

I am always humbled by the generosity of students to have their EFT Session filmed for others to benefit from their shift. Here is an example of how the EFt Gentle Techniques can approach an emotionally charged memory gently.This was filmed during an EFT Training Level 2 Workshop in Melbourne. For more EFT Training in Melbourne see here.

New ‘Tap a Long’ Video on EFT Universe Website, featuring chocolate cravings…

This link to my You Tube Channel “EFTAustralia”, shows this video in better quality – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3omQprC-Jyg

EFT Demonstration during EFT Level 2 Training – “This smothering feeling..”