EFT for the Soul – QUANTUM EFT

This long awaited expeience of the soul’s journey being combined with EFT in the form of Quantum EFT, is about to begin with the first Quantum EFT Workshop in Seaford, Melbourne, Australia on Feb 23, 24. Quantum EFT and Mining the Akash will be expeienced in the now of the needs of workshop participants and will lead us intuitively to where we need to go.

Imagine bringing back talents and gifts already learned from lives already lived and then activating them into the physical and energetic biology through the multi-dimensional layers of DNA into your present!

Using Jenny’s skills as a Clinical Hypntherapsit, Past Life Regression Therapist, Spiritual learnings and EFT Trainer, this workshop will be a once in a lifetime experience. Limited numbers. Contact Jenny to see if any places remain.

Further Quantum EFT workshops are already filling in Brisbane in July/August and in Sydney in September. Get in early to secure your place. This workshop will book out.

See here for further information on Quantum EFT.