Quantum EFT

Quantum EFT is a natural, flowing process from EFT into the ‘quantumness’ of time space and place. It is a very organic, spiritual and safe energetic method to explore past, present and future energetic consciousness, including those in spirit and past or ‘other’ lifetimes, that are relevant to what is required for healing.


Moving flowingly from EFT, Quantum EFT often allows the client to continue tapping on themselves, or can allow the  practitioner to tap on them. Sometimes awkward points, like under the nose and under the arm are left out when the client is emotional (and being tapped on) and sometimes additional points like the Thymus or high heart centre (said to be the seat of the soul and of the immune system) are used. Intuition of the practitioner is heightened and followed, however, the sessions are very client focussed and client driven, with the practitioner asking appropriate questions to get them to the source of their issue and the source of their healing.

It is less ‘structured’ than Matrix Re-imprinting and always begins with holding the intention for the highest learning and healing for the client and for others, including the practitioner. Often calling in spiritual higher beings, higher self and loved ones who have passed, Quantum EFT also uses other energy techniques and methods such as the Colour Mirrors Spritzers, the Release Technique, Advanced Energy Methods, Hypnotherapy, NLP etc.

Prior knowledge of Matrix Re-imprinting and Light Matrix/Life Purpose is a bonus to understanding Quantum EFT but not essential. It is helpful to understand the principles behind Matrix re-imprinting as they are similar to Quantum EFT. The truth of the laws of the Universe are universal.

Quantum EFT involves working to uncover core issues and beliefs whilst also having higher learning and higher understanding, often requesting help and messages from higher beings, higher self or from a high spiritual place.  Healing can occur for generations, places and other people as well as for the client and sometimes travelling energetically to other times, spaces and places and creating and feeling new, imagined and energetic realities, then bringing this newly felt energy into the present physical energy and body through the heart, imprinting it out through the heart, into the past and into the future. It’s always important to stamp the new energy out into a future time, space and place, then allowing and feeling a sense of de-ja-vu when getting there and knowing that their energy will now be magnetically drawn to that place, having already been there.

Quantum EFT can also involve ‘Mining the Akash’. That is, moving energetically into other lives already lived and gathering other skills, talents, gifts, lessons already learned and bringing them into the physical 3D reality and energy through the present biology, activating it with the meridian system, enabling the new energy to speak to the blueprint of the stemcells. An area still very much being experienced and experimented with and showing surprising and exciting energetic results.

If you have questions about having a Quantum EFT Session, Contact Jenny.


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Before booking please read these Client Booking Terms –

Agreement between Jenny Johnston, (Professional EFT Practitioner and Trainer, Quantum EFT Certified Practitioner and Trainer) and YOU, the Client.

I have been informed that Jenny Johnston is not a licensed health care provider, therapist, or psychologist. Her academic training was as an Occupational Therapist (now retired), Clinical Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist. She held a degree in Applied Science in OT for over 30 years. She has been using EFT since 2005 and has been a Trainer of EFT since 2011 with EFT Universe.

I understand that the services she provides in EFT are educational and practical and that this work is not psychotherapy.

I agree that I am responsible for my own well being, during and after our work together.

I understand that I am advised to consult with my current health care providers before changing any medications or other treatments that I am currently undertaking.

I understand that each session will be held in the strictest confidence and with the utmost respect, taking into consideration the following as required by law:

  • Jenny may disclose private information without consent in order to protect clients or the public from serious harm. For example, if a client was to discuss plans to attempt suicide or harm another person.
  • Jenny is required to report current domestic violence, abuse or neglect of children, the elderly or people with disabilities.
  • Jenny may release information if she receives a court order to do so.

I understand that Jenny may not give medical advice or diagnose medical conditions.

I understand I may contact Jenny for follow-up via email if needed.

I understand that payment is required the same day of the session unless other arrangements have been made. Online clients are required to pay before the session.

I understand that clients having a history of epilepsy or psychotic episodes should only have an EFT session while under direct supervision of a doctor or therapist.

Cancelled/Missed/Late Appointments. 

Single sessions: I understand that full payment will be required for missed sessions and sessions not cancelled more than 24 hours in advance.

Package sessions: I understand once I have agreed to a session time, cancellations or changes must be made more than 24 hours prior or I forfeit the session.

I understand if Jenny has to reschedule my session for any reason and at any time, I will be flexible to reschedule within 2 weeks from when it was originally scheduled (unless medical conditions prevent Jenny from doing so when you can request a refund).

I understand that it is important for me to respect the booked session times and that Jenny will do the same. If I am late for my session, the session time will not be extended by the amount of time I am late. I understand that if Jenny is late for my session, the session time will be extended accordingly or the extra time will be added to a future session by prior arrangement if we do not have time to extend the session she was late for. I understand that I will not be liable for sessions that must be postponed or delayed for technical reasons beyond my control, such as Internet failure but that after 3 instances of session delay or cancellation due to issues with my Internet, I will create phone sessions in place of Skype/Facetime/Zoom web video sessions until I can sort out my technical issues.

For best results, Jenny recommends 3 – 4 sessions for most issues in order to uncover and work with the quantumness of where the issue goes. These may be a mix of Quantum EFT sessions and Quantum EFT including Past Life Regression Sessions.

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