Emotional Freedom Techniques Training

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Why I chose to become an EFT Universe Trainer

After Training with EFT Masters and leading EFT Trainers from around the world and attending many different Level 1, 2 and 3 Trainings, I chose to become an EFT Universe Trainer due to EFT Universe’s commitment to having a structured and professional approach to EFT Training. Meeting many experienced EFT Trainers in America, they were also impressed with the way EFT Universe is committed to teaching their students to be the most proficient practitioner’s they can be, having 2 full days for each of the Levels of Training and allowing at least 6 hours of practice in each level. I am continually impressed with the integrity, development and commitment of EFT Universe to it’s students and trainers and to promoting EFT in the world and professional and mainstream bodies.

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Some of the many benefits to you of EFT Universe Certification include –

– The EFT Universe Certification program is supported by training materials developed by some of the top authorities in the field and is based on the teachings of founder, Gary Craig.

– Certification gives you an affiliation with one of the largest complimentary medicine sites on the internet, having far more internet traffic than every other EFT site combined and showing up #1 on a Google Search. Certified Practitioners are able to be listed on the website. The Certified Practitioner Pages get 100’s of 1,000’s of visitors a year allowing potential clients to easily discover your services.

– The EFT Universe Newsletter reaches 100’s of 1,000’s of subscribers and grows by approx. 10,000 subscribers each month. Certified Practitioners are encouraged to submit articles for this newsletter.

– The EFT Universe Certification program is built to last and for the long term and is run by a group of competent professionals.

– Certified Practitioners are supported by EFT Universe publicity. For instance, O: The Oprah Magazine, recently ran an article on “emotional acupuncture” and concluded: “To find practitioners, visit www.EFTuniverse.com.”

EFT Radio reaches over 40,000 listeners and often mentions and interviews EFT Universe Practitioners.

– EFT Universe is being recognised amongst US Government agencies and is setting up relationships with Universities and Graduate schools, giving EFT Universe Certification a recognised academic base. Many professionals in large healthcare organizations have taken EFT Universe Trainings.


For full details of benefits see “The Benefits of EFT Universe certification